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My Updated Salehoo Review

Back in December last year, when I first wrote a detailed Salehoo review, I did not expect there to be so many questions about things I'd not mentioned in my review.  However, in this post I've picked out some of the most popular questions and provided answers to them.

How many drop shippers are listed in Sale Hoo's directory?

Salehoo has about 8,000 suppliers in total – and about 50% of these are willing to drop ship to customers in the United States.  Many will be willing to drop ship to other countries, but depending where they are it will be less than 50% of Salehoo's suppliers.

Do Salehoo's suppliers have minimum orders?

Some will do yes – but they will generally be low.  Like Worldwide Brands, Salehoo specialises in trying to attract suppliers that will sell in light bulk – that means low minimum orders.

As more than 50% drop ship and even more will sell in light bulk, that makes the total with low minimum orders about 70-80% of the 8,000 suppliers listed in Salehoo.

How much does Salehoo really cost?

The basic membership fee for Salehoo is $67 per year, but there are optional add-ons too – such as the advanced training program at $27 a month.

In total, you could be spending over $300 a year on Salehoo and the various up-sells that are available, but if you only want access to the directory that's just $67 a year.